Installing and
servicing turbines
higher… deeper… safer… cheaper… anywhere

The SENSE System is an all-in-one tower and wind turbine installation and maintenance system for onshore and offshore projects designed and commercialised by a highly experienced team. It is unique in enabling the wind turbine to be assembled safely at low levels and then transferred to the top of the tower in a single lift, considerably reducing operational risk and installation time. SENSE can be used for any tower hub height and its tower modularity and compactness reduces mobilisation costs, installation hardstand size and carbon emissions.

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SENSE onshore and offshore

See the SENSE tower and rotor nacelle assembly installation systems solving the challenges of tall onshore and bottom-fixed offshore. The installation of a 6MW turbine is scheduled for 2027.

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SENSE floating offshore

See the SENSE installation system combined with the PelaStar TLP platform delivering a complete solution for installing 15 MW floating offshore turbines from the quayside out to deep sea.

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SENSE demonstrator

See SENSE’s first carriage system demonstrator installing a complete rotor nacelle assembly from the ground up. 2MW and 6MW demonstrators are now in the pipeline.

quicker and cheaper installation

no expensive cranes
minimal operations at height
shorter weather windows
no tower height limits

safer and more reliable operations

unique single lift of RNA
RNA safe low-level assembly
no suspended loads at height
automated controlled lifts


exceptionally compact design
reduced mobilisation time & cost
reduced site environmental impacts and carbon emissions

explosion of
new sites

compact design requiring no large cranes makes currently inaccessible sites commercially viable

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