The Challenge:

Demand for wind energy continues to grow year-on-year, wind turbines are getting ever bigger, and sites are getting more difficult to access and moving further out to sea. This is increasing the costs and the technical challenges of installing and servicing wind farms onshore and offshore as current installation methods require ever larger, more expensive and specialised vessels and cranes, many of which are not yet built or available.

The Solution:

The SENSE System. An all-in-one wind turbine self-erecting installation and maintenance system for onshore and offshore projects created by a highly experienced wind energy team.

It is unique in enabling the wind turbine to be assembled safely at low levels and then installed at the top of the tower in a single automated heavy lift which significantly reduces operational risk and installation time.

SENSE is not limited by tower hub height and its compactness and strength to weight ratio reduces site constraints, mobilisation costs, installation weather windows, hardstand size and carbon emissions.

SENSE works

SENSEWind's Value Proposition

No large cranes or cranes at height needed

Built-in installation, maintenance & inspection system eliminates expensive cranes or crane vessels and all crane operations at height

Better safety and reliability

Full assembly of
the rotor nacelle
at safe low-level
eliminates the
challenges and risks
of operations at height

Reduced installation time and cost

Unique single automated lift of the rotor nacelle
eliminates assembly operations at height and saves installation time and cost

Exceptionally compact design

Reduces mobilisation costs, biodiversity impacts and carbon emissions

Explosion of new viable sites

Thanks to the uniquely compact equipment & low-level assembly more challenging sites become viable onshore and offshore


reduces installation and operations costs
increases availability and revenue
no special cranes
reduced size of hardstand
no lengthy mobilisation or demobilisation
allows your project to go higher and bigger
makes remote or difficult to access sites viable


reduces installation costs
reduces operations costs
increases availability and revenue
no jack-up cranes
no limit to water depth
less dependence on weather windows
allows your project to go deeper and further offshore