New capital investment energises SENSEWind

Chris Walker, CEO of Scotland-based Muirhall Energy, has made a significant capital investment in SENSEWind, a powerful statement on the game-changing future of the SENSE technology. Walker and Muirhall, an award-winning independent onshore wind developer, see big things ahead for SENSEWind: “The SENSE technology is in the right place at the right time. As onshore turbines grow taller and are placed in more remote locations, it’s imperative that the industry adopt innovative solutions like this. Given the rapid pace our sector is moving, this technology’s time is now.”

SENSEWind Non-executive board member, Julian Brown: “This investment is not only a strong statement of belief in our technology, but also provides a powerful pathway to market. Onshore wind projects are moving into more remote areas and offshore wind turbines are being placed further from shore, putting a strain on OPEX reduction and safety records. An innovative, self-erecting installation solution like SENSE unlocks these constraints and will allow the wind industry to continue scaling up to provide affordable, clean energy to the world.”